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  • Name: Rachel
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So. A bit about me...

I am a Human Centered Design major at Northern Michigan University. That is an Art and Design major. Want to know more, look it up yourself.

I love to dance. I did it for fifteen years. I have done ballet, jazz, modern, and tap. I also have learned a bit of swing and ballroom. I dance every chance I get, even if it's just in my own living room! I don't really care for that grind stuff that you do in clubs, but sometimes I will get into it. I usually won't dance with guys in clubs simply because they never ask and just sneak up behind me. I hate that...

Along with dance comes a love for music. I listen to most all genres as long as the music is good. I tend to stick along the lines of rock. I do love Frank Sinatra. I like musicals as well, Phantom of the Opera being my favorite. I did see it live a few years back.

Some other tidbits... I like to bake. Random urges tend to come upon me to just bake. It's weird. Cookies, cakes, brownies, whatever. I like to be outdoors. Unless the temperatures are below zero. That's just unpleasant. I like to bike, hike, and swim. I'll go for walks in the summer from time to time. I love to spend time with my friends. I attack said friends with my camera. I'm a picture whore.

If you have any questions, just ask. I don't mind. I'm generally friendly and mild-mannered.